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During the test broadcast, which will continue until 1 September 2024;
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You can use and try all the features of the app without limitation.

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QUWAX team

What is QUWAX

SQL based; Developed to integrate into projects that accumulate data on MSSQL, ORACLE, PostgreSQL and similar databases, Does not require programming and advanced query techniques knowledge, Sector, Subject and Database independent, can be integrated, Self Service " Dynamic Reporting Solution" (software) service.

Quwax; used with internet/intranet web browser, With its ability to work in harmony with all kinds of databases and its sector-independent infrastructure It can provide the desired service in all reporting models, in all areas where data can be obtained. With these features, with a good project design and planning, it is from the simplest sources. Data integration is possible up to the most complex topologies.

Why Quwax?

We offer an expert software to your service to add value to your business.
  • New reporting culture : The whole system is changing. We enable users of all levels to prepare reports by providing easy screen usage and superior features in the processes from the connection of your database to the preparation of reports.
  • No need to share data : You can safely use your data in your reports without the need to take them out of their protected environment.
  • Useful strategic reports : You can prepare any number of reports that are suitable for the needs of your business in a single center.You can access instant and fast results from your live data with different perspectives.
  • Efficient use of human resources: You can save the time each employee spends making their own reports. Especially the fact that each employee prepares reports similar to excel repeatedly is the reason that increases these costs the most.It is very easy to become a company that is centralized and has a report memory instead of tables that draw different results from the same source.The reports prepared thanks to the Quwax report library are at a level to serve all employees.

You can use Which topics

Kwhen the limited reporting possibilities of the commercial software you use are insufficient or if you have a specially developed software; You can design your own reports to suit your needs for the databases you have.

  • Human resources
  • PACS, Payroll
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Hospital BS, Patient Follow-up
  • Warehouse-Inventory Control, Fixtures
  • Real Estate, Parking, Car Gallery
  • Sales, Market-Shop
  • Organization, Survey, Campaign
  • Hotel, Reservation, Cafe, Restaurant
  • Current, Stock, Invoice, Order, Waybill,
  • Bank, Cash, Check-Bill, Currency
  • Human resources, PACS, Payroll

    You can create reports of personnel information, organization, recruitment, training, wage and payroll, performance, personnel attendance control system (PACS) and all Human Resources modules, from basic level checklists to complex calculated reports or matrix tables.
    You can meet your needs with date section numerical tables, periodic comparison tables, periodic recruitment or departure numbers, business-department employee numbers, turn-over tables and similar needs with your own designs.

  • Accounting/Finance

    You can prepare the administrative reports of any financial system yourself.
    You can create all the numerical-verbal lists or tables you need, such as account movements, balances of customers or accounts, periodic transaction totals, periodic financial comparison tables, KPI reports. You can apply filters and/or sorting to all report fields and transaction results.

  • Hospital BS, Patient Tracking

    They are applications that contain many modules in hospital information systems. Many processes are followed, from stock follow-up to the follow-up of the medicines belonging to the patients.Many reports can be prepared, from reporting of social institution official payments to demographic reports of patients.You can prepare reports on many subjects such as stock reports for managers, payment reports from social security institutions or insurance companies, performance evaluation in the desired time period.

  • Warehouse-Inventory Control, Fixtures

    You can prepare stock cards, price, supplier, inventory, warning point, entry-exit, warehouse-shelf quantity lists, Periodic quantity or amount tables of suppliers, List of fixtures, depreciation and period reports, List or periodic comparison tables of warehouse shipments .

  • Sales, Market-Store

    All kinds of reports can be prepared for all products and product groups in the Market or Store. Product price change tables, Lists of Best Sellers, Least Sold, Never Sold, Inventory Numbers, Daily-Weekly-Monthly Sales or Purchase Quantities or Movements, In addition to sales and purchases, inventory of all transaction types can be created, sales lists at customer level, purchases on supplier basis, Any desired table or list can be prepared regarding Waybills and Invoices. Product sales and detailed information and profit and loss statements, You can report the status of fire and other negative movements.

  • ERP

    You can prepare reports for commercial ready package programs and databases of all specially developed software.Detailed lists related to production, Product recipes, stock information, raw material lists, stock status, daily or periodical raw material consumption lists, Customer-supplier purchase and sale information, tables with quantity and monetary sum,

  • Real Estate, Car Rental, Parking Lot, Car Gallery

    All kinds of lists and tables can be prepared for all commodities in the advertisement such as Customer detail list, Customer card, Vehicle list, Sales list, Price change history, Parking lot daily turnover table, Monthly-Periodic sales table.

  • Organization, Survey and Campaign results, Hotel, Reservation, Cafe, Restaurant, Current, Cashier, Stock, Invoice, Order, Service, Waybill, Foreign Exchange, Bank, etc...

    Regardless of your activity, if you are using software and collecting data, you will need a report.It's not the amount of data that matters, but the variety in your business' report needs.

    You can contact us for more information or to consult an opinion.

Have you read the answers to frequently asked questions?

We believe that with Quwax, the only domestic online reporting software, you will get better results than foreign software.

What features do you need?

You can design your own reports with "Easy To Use" and "Security" features, and you can access your live data and instant reports from anywhere.

You will be able to find design possibilities for all types of databases in the same tool. You can do everything you can do with a simple test database, even when reporting data that exceeds the limits.
You can prepare graphical supported lists and dashboard reports where you can dynamically create security levels.
While doing all these operations, all your connections are encrypted and your data is protected.

  • Live database connection
  • Menu authorization
  • Table / Column authorization
  • Unlimited report possibilities
  • All database schemas
  • Easy installation
  • Executive report design
  • Secure connection

How would you like to use it?

  • Educational use

    We provide free use in all software and database projects that our students will prepare for their * homework/presentation/research/thesis
    *It is sufficient for them to register with a student certificate or school email. You can contact us for this issue.

  • Individual and corporate use over the cloud

    Apart from commercial ready-made package programs, you can find the opportunity to prepare reports for databases of all specially developed software and interactively find the support service you need.

  • On-Premise for individual and corporate use

    With the application to be placed on the servers in your company environment, one or more databases can be reported with the login system integrated into your local user authorization. We provide the opportunity to prepare reports for all your databases and the installation/support services you need.
    You can contact us for your corporate use needs.


QUWAX has similar features with professional reporting software
* You don't have to be a big company and pay high fees to be able to use a professional reporting software and have all the features.
* You can be an application developer, a business owner who wants to report the commercial application database in your workplace, a student preparing a sample project, or a consultant serving other companies.
* QUWAX is an application that provides the level of ease of use for every user.

* As a database administrator or a user who writes very good SQL queries, you can find all the tools you need.
* While dealing with your own business, you can easily prepare the reports you want without going into technical details, without dealing with terms such as database-relation-query.
* You can prepare a report with all of your data without the need to transfer your data to another place.

You can prepare lists of any width you want from all the data in your own system. You can add filters to your lists and edit their titles
grouped list
You can prepare reports with subtotals or totals within themselves. You can group according to the total amounts of your sales, sales averages, the latest sales date or all the information you have.
pivot report
You can add pivot headings to grouped lists and distribute the total fields according to other criteria. It is possible to create a pivot title with all kinds of intermediate information such as date, province, product group, sales-responsible, type. If you want, you can add 3-4 tiers of upper pivot head.
You can decide how your reports will look with the help of charts. You can prepare reports and presentations with high visual quality by using the chart types you want from all the fields you have grouped.
You can allow the users and user groups you specify to use the reports you have prepared. you can add automatic filters by people and publish a single report to different people for different purposes and results
form design
You can print any form you want from your lists. You can design pages with all the information you want, from CV, letter or photo badge to detailed stock card.

When you need summary reports; It is possible to see everything and reach summary results on a single page. You can create dashboards from lists, pivots or charts.
data export
It is possible to export the prepared reports to different media such as excel, pdf, csv. During export to Excel, all sum formulas of list subtotal or pivot reports are transferred to the file.
multilingual data
Apart from using the application in different languages, if you keep information in different languages in your data on a row or column basis, it is possible to get this information in a single report.
You can decide which reports the users you specify can see, how much data they can report, and on which part of the data you connect to QUWAX they can report. you can monitor your users' report usage information
multiple databases
QUWAX allows our users who connect more than one database to manage all of them at the same time and run the reports they have prepared for the users they define. a user can see and list the reports in both the ERP and HR system at the same time through QUWAX and as much as the project owner allows
other features
There are many features within the application that are not mentioned here.

Your feedback

User experience success


Design appreciation


Programming ability and application skill



Regardless of which database infrastructure your data of the commercial software you use is in an accessible environment.You can create a report. It is sufficient to have a SQL-based database.
(For now, MSSQL, MSSQL-EXPRESS, ORACLE, POSTGRESQL and MySQL databases are served.)

step 1: sign up

Using only your e-mail address   free registration  You do not need to make any payments to our system, which you can try by doing.

You do not need to provide your credit card or similar information during the initial registration and testing phase.

You can create your own package as much as you will use during the paid usage phase.

step 2: connect

In order to establish communication between the QUWAX security certified server and your database server, it is sufficient to provide the connection information.

With the QuwaxBridge application instead of connection information, you can allow us to access your data from behind your firewall with your complete control.

The necessary definitions will be made automatically by QUWAX without the need to upload your data elsewhere.

step 3: preparing the library

After completing your database connection, the reports you will prepare will be collected under a project title.A short meta-setup process will be performed in order for the system to learn the table and column information that you will use in the queries that create your reports.

During this process, your report-meta library will be created by detecting not your data, only the tables, columns and the connections between these fields in your database.

In addition, you can change the namings as you wish in order to make your reports with your column definitions.You can delete tables and columns that you will not use in your reports from the library or temporarily close them.

step 4: design

When you register your new customer, you are also registered as a report user.

If you have other users, you can define them or invite other users using just their e-mail addresses.

After logging into the system, you can create your first menus by clicking on your project name and design your reports through these menus.

You can create as many lists, pivots, charts reports as you want from as many menu headings as you want and from all fields of your database under these menus.

step 5: run

You can easily add new users or employees to the system and publish your reports for your employees.Your employees can see the information you allow in the reports you allow.


After you start your membership, you will be able to make the purchase by determining your needs.
Additional discounts will be applied for annual purchases or multiple purchases.
Prices given at this stage for information purposes only.

All packages are free
until the end of the trial period, June 1, 2024.

The standard package will be automatically defined for your use during registration.

  • $ 20,00
  • 1 database connection
  • You can define as many
  • of your databases as you want,
  • which we call projects.
  • You can use ConnectionString
  • or make HUB connection.
  • It does not matter the size
  • of database or how many tables
  • or data you have.
  • It can be MSSQL, ORACLE, MYSQL
  • You must obtain it together with
  • user and traffic licenses.
  • Get started now
  • $ 20,00
  • 1 Designer/Admin user
  • Create Unlimited Reports
  • (Pivot, Flatlist, Form Report)
  • Create unlimited charts
  • Unlimited Dashboard preparation
  • The user who has the authority
  • to define projects and add users.
  • Users who do not have
  • the authority to prepare
  • reports and run reports
  • are free of charge.
  • Get started now
  • $ 20,00
    data traffic
  • 10 GB traffic usage
  • is the data traffic generated
  • by the reports prepared.
  • Only the part of the data
  • that creates the reports until
  • it reaches Quwax is calculated.
  • Charts or formatted reports
  • are excluded.
  • The traffic license is indefinite
  • and valid until the end of
  • other licenses.
  • Get started now
  • for corporate
  • As many as you want,
  • with all common features;
  • designer user
  • Project/Database
  • Traffic (indefinite GB usage)
  • you can buy it.
  • For corporate use,
  • please contact us.
  • Get started now


You can ask questions about reporting, database connection, system operation, security and similar issues.


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